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Can I display two county level indicators at the same time?
For Tables and Charts, only one county level indicator can be viewed at a time. On the Map, you can view more than one county level indicator at a time. For best results, choose indicators that use different display formats such as thematic and dot density. Use the “How to Navigate” section for Maps under each topic.
Where do I find more information about data sources?
The Resources section, located on the top navigator bar, contains a complete listing of each indicator data source. For your convenience, these are broken down by domain.
Can I display data from multiple domains in the same table or on the same map?
For table or graphs, you may only display data from one domain. Use the Master Map to view indicators from multiple domains at the same time.
Can I print tables, graphs and maps?
Can I display 3 indicators on the same map?
Yes. See “How to Navigate” section and the “Example by Map” tab under each topic area to see how to select indicators and view the data.
Can I use your maps and tables for other projects?
Yes, but be sure to properly attribute the data to the original source.
Can I download data from the table I created?
Yes. You may export your data to an Excel™ spreadsheet.
Can I download data from the map I created?
Yes. For specific directions on how to do so, watch the video tutorial.
I would like to download all of the data available for a specific indicator, such as all available information on veteran treatment courts. Can I do so?
Not yet. We hope to make this possible in the next phase of development.
How often will the data be updated?
Each data source is updated at different times based on when the data is published by the source. Most indicators are updated at least one time a year. Date ranges for the data are listed in the Indicators and Definitions section on each topic page.
Can I get data from previous years to show change over time?
It depends. To learn which years of data are available for each indicator, see the Indicator Definition and Data Sources section of your desired topic.
Can I customize my county or state snapshot?
Not yet. That feature is something we hope to accomplish in the next phase of project development.
Can I save the snapshop as a PDF?
Yes. Select "print," and change your printer option to PDF. Then save the PDF to your desktop or another folder of your choice.

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